Arena One: Slaverunners


Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 226 pages
Published Date: February 5, 2012
Publisher: Morgan Rice
Series: The Survival Trilogy
Rating: 3 out of 5          


Let me start by saying I love the idea and concept behind Morgan Rice’s Arena One. When I started the book, the writing grabbed my interest even though there was very little dialog between Brooke (17) and her younger sister Bree, the two most important characters (I love dialog). My interest started to wane when Brook (the protagonist) started chasing after the Slaverunners. Brook chased them on an old motorcycle with a side car and somehow she caught up with them. She did this by driving through the Catskills doing over 140 or even 150 mph. Not only didn’t this seem plausible, the character should have died many times – as the author states at the end of each chapter it seemed. Brook then meets Ben where they moved up from the motorcycle to one of the Slaverunner’s cars (how they did this was amazing too) and again traveled to NYC doing over 140/150 mph and again felt like they were going to/should have died at the end of each chapter.

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